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adprep in Server 2012

Now that Windows Server 2012 has been released and customers are starting to move to Windows Server 2012 Active Directory, I thought I would throw a post out there regarding the new adprep utility. In old days, and when I say old I mean Windows Server 2008 R2, we ran adprep and adprep32 on the Schema Master and Infrastructure Master of the domain. This is no longer the case.

Opening the Windows Server 2012 disc I see the normal folders that we have seen in the last version show here:


So let’s hop into the support folder and take a look at the adprep folder.


Looking at the contents of the adprep folder, I see the adprep file, but I do not see the adprep32 file that used to allow use to run adprep on old 32-bit domain controllers that held some of the FSMO roles to begin the upgrade process. Microsoft has changed this now, we no longer need to run the adprep or adprep32 file on the domain controllers but we can run the adprep file on any remote computer whether it be domain joined or workgroup as long as its running on a 64-bit operating system of Server 2008 or later. Of course the normal permissions will be needed (Schema Admin, Enterprise Admin, Domain Admin) on the user account running the adprep utility.

Microsoft as well has moved to not even having to run the adprep tool on a remote computer before the promotion process and has integrated it into the Active Directory Domain Services installation process as needed. Since dcpromo has been removed from the operating system, installing the AD DS role then promoting the server as a domain controller will now handle any of the prep work needed to be done.

More Server 2012 stuff soon to come!

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