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Find Current Workstations in PowerShell

Recently while performing an Active Directory migration for a customer I needed to generate a list of workstations that were currently in use in the environment. Since the customer was extremely busy wrapped up in numerous other projects and I was in a time crunch, I decided to see what PowerShell could do for me. Some of the variables I needed for my list were:

  • Computer is running a client operating system
  • Computer account is enabled
  • Computer had been logged on in the past 3 months

Using those variables, I generated a nice command to find, sort, and output the information in an Excel file so the project could continue to move on at a decent pace without delay. The command I use to achieve this was:

Get-ADComputer -Properties * -Filter * | where {$_.OperatingSystem -notlike “*server*” -AND $_.lastlogondate -gt (get-date).addmonths(-3) -AND $_.enabled -eq “True”} | select -Property Name,OperatingSystem,Enabled,LastLogonDate | sort-object LastLogonDate -descending | Export-Csv c:\Lists\Workstations.csv -NoTypeInformation


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