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SCCM 2012 Beta 2 Installation error “Failed to write string -T8295 to registry on SQL Server”

During the move to SCCM 2012 with FEP 2012 in my home network, I ran into the installation hanging a few times while “Evaluating setup environment”. My new SCCM 2012 server is running on a Hyper-V virtual machine with SQL 2008 SP1 with CU15 installed locally on the server. I used a standard AD domain user for all SQL services during the installation.

After letting the installation run overnight and coming back the next morning, I noticed it had not moved at all since the previous night. I also noticed that the SQL service had entered a STOPPED state. After checking the log, I had noticed a few of these errors:

ERROR: Failed to write string -T8295 to registry on SQL Server [servername].

INFO: Name for SQL Param string value is SQLArg3.

ERROR: Failed to write string “-T4199” to registry on SQL Server [servername].

Creating SQL Server machine certificate for Server [sernername]...

The one part that I did skip was reading the SQL Server Setup and Configuration Requirements which clearly stated:

You must configure all SQL Server services (engine, agent, etc.) to run under the LOCAL SYSTEM account. If you use another account (e.g. NETWORK SERVICE or a domain user account), database replication will fail with certificate issues.

After changing the service accounts to LocalSystem, the installation went through without and issue.

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